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so i wanted to give my beautiful followers something special :) so im giving away some of my stuff :)

my giveaway includes: 
-pattened thick leggings ($20)
-Chris Brown FAME hoodie ($80)
-Bettina Liano shorts, pink ($80)
-Miss Shop shorts, blue ($60)
-RUBY shoes, black short boots, size 40 ($20)
-white bear beanie ($10)
-Lynx chocolate body spray ($10)
-friends with benefits ($20)
-Vampire Diaries season 2 ($25)
-Angus and Coote necklace ($150)
-Whale tail necklace (from overseas dunno how much)
-Remington 3 style curling set ($60)

must be following ME ! (i will be checking !!) 
reblog as many times as you like :) 
this promo must reach at least 300 notes otherwise NO GIVEAWAY :( 

have any questions or reasons why you should win, message me :) 

winner will be anounced: August 7th :) 

Love you all xoxo


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